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The Creek Company manufactures Inflatable Pontoon Boats, Float Tubes, Stand Up Paddle Boards and Fly Fishing Accessories. Developer of the Original U-Boat®, the Creek Company has been designing innovative fishing gear for over 25 years. Please browse our online catalog and our secure e-commerce enabled web store.

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  • Featured Products

  • #230-Walton’s Thumb®- Fisherman's Multi-Tool-COMING SOON!

    Walton’s Thumb®- The Ultimate Tool for the fisherman, the Walton’s Thumb® features 10 unique functions that any fisherman can appreciate. COMING SOON!


  • #430- 420 Float Tube

    Now On Sale! Save $50.00! Hurry Very Limited Time!The New ODC 420 has been totally upgraded! NEW Pro Series Push Button Valves lock the cover and bladder together and make for effortless inflation and deflation as well as on the water pressure adjustment! (adaptor included to fit our pump) New, Larger storage pockets with Insulated Drink Holder! The New ODC 420 floats you high and dry, in total comfort! Features super heavy duty, PVC bottoms for abrasion resistance.
    $249.99 save 20%
  • #839 - Pin-On Rod Holder

    Pin-On Rod Holder for all Creek Company Pontoon Boats. Easily attaches using the existing Snap-Pins on the right or left side of the cargo deck connection,
  • #886 - ODC Classic XL

    Now On Sale! Save $100! Hurry Very Limited Time! The NEW ODC Classic XL -The Best 8' Pontoon Boat on the Water with new Pro Series Valves and loaded with other high performance features! Class II rated! Lifetime Warranty! Now with new, upgraded, 6.5', 3 pc oars and brass, slide through oarlocks!
    $349.99 save 29%
  • #889 - ODC Super Sport XR 1

    ON Sale Now! Save $100.00! The ODC Super Sport XR 1 is our complete 9 foot pontoon boat. Loaded with extras like a High Volume Pump, Rigid Mini-Deck Motor Mount, Lift & Lock Anchor Assembly and Pin-On Rod Holder.
    $499.99 save 20%
  • #945 - ODC Sport LT

    The ODC Sport LT. Great value in an 8' pontoon boat! On sale now! $199.99! Save $150.00!
    $349.99 save 43%
  • #974 - Osprey Inflatable Fishing SUP

    Osprey Demos Available on our Specials page. Save $500!!
    The Osprey Inflatable Fishing SUP. The Most Stable Stand Up Paddleboard on the market. Cover more water, see more fish from an elevated line of sight and cast with full range of motion. The Ultimate Adventure/Travel board. Checks through as regular luggage on the plane! Do it yourself trips. Fish the soft muddy bonefish flats. Cross the deep dark channels. Wicked stable, but still surfable for the non fishing days. The most fun you've ever had fishing. Includes a pump with pressure gauge, patch kit and Back Pack.
  • PUMA Bird/Trout Pocket Knife

    Beautiful Wood Handled Pocket Knife with a bird hook and 2.9" German Blade. Great gift idea!
  • #560- Dog Life Jacket

    #560- Dog Life Jacket--Additional safety for any dog that spends time near the water. The NRS Canine Flotation Device gives you peace of mind by providing extra flotation for your best friend. Simple design fits snug and secure without interfering with the dog's normal activities. This dog life jacket comes in multiple sizes to fit your furry friend.
  • #740-Seat Saddle Bag

    Wow! Save $50 now! Seat Saddle Bag in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass is the ultimate gear bag for your pontoon boat. Get your gear organized and off the wet bottom of the boat! Keep your fishing gear organized.
    $79.99 save 63%


  • #972SB- Insulated Side Gear Bag

    Save $10.00! Insulated Side Gear Bag- Upgrade your boat today with 1 or 2 of these awesome, insulated side gear bags. Fully Insulated to act as a cooler or gear storage. Built in, Insulated Drink Holder, Fly Rod Holder Pocket and large opening top for lots of gear! Adjustable straps with snap buckles to fit all of our pontoon boats.
    $39.99 save 25%
  • Coiled Lanyards

    Coiled Lanyards---2 coiled lanyards with plastic snap hooks at each end.2 3/4" length coiled. Keep your gear handy and secure! Pack of 2.
  • Jim Teeny Fly Pack

    Want to catch big fish like Jim Teeny! Fish the Jim Teeny Fly Pack! - Jim Teeny has put together his personal selection of the 12 best flies for Western States Trout. Choose Spring or Summer Selection.
  • #445 - U-Boat® 2000 Super Combo

    Now On Sale! Only $99.99! The U-Boat® 2000 Super Combo, a great value with fins and pump included!
    $149.99 save 33%
  • #803 - Pontoon Boat Carry/Storage Bag.

    A great way to safely store and transport your New Classic, Sport LT or Sport XR 1 or Super Sport XR1 pontoon boat. Leaving room for a pump, PFD, waders.and fins.
  • #818PG- Air Pressure Gauge

    NEW! Air Pressure Gauge
    Ensure that your inflatables are inflated to the proper pressure for peak performance with our Air Pressure Gauge. Maybe even more importantly, protect your investment by not overinflating them, causing irreparable damage. Air Pressure Gauge monitors air pressure from 0 - 5 psi with precision. Works with Boston Valve, Pro Series Push Button Valves and Stem Valves.
  • Big Kahuna Inflatable PFD

    Big Kahuna Inflatable PFD--Protect yourself when on the water. Stores around the waist until you need it.
  • Nipper 10 Pack

    Now on Sale! Save $50! Stainless Steel Nipper with recessed needle...times 10!!!!! We all a need a few extra nippers...and so do friends and family!
    $59.99 save 83%
  • The Complete Repair Kit

    Now on Sale! Save 50%! The Complete Repair kit is the ultimate repair kit for pontoon boats and float tubes. Patches all pvc bladders as well as pvc covers on all of our float tubes and pontoon boats. Don't leave home without it!
    $19.99 save 50%
  • Jim Teeny Phantom Tip Fly Line

    The Creek Company loves Jim Teeny Fly Lines! They are the best you can get and perfect for fishing from a float tube or pontoon boat! Jim Teeny now has two new fly lines for lake fishing. Their Phantom Tip Series is a floating line that has a 5 ft. or 25 ft. section of slow sink clear tip. Both are 90 feet in length with a welded loop at the tip end. These lines allow the angler to fish just below the surface and retrieve slowly over weed beds and shallow areas. The tips are invisible to fish! Catch more fish! These new Phantom Tip lines take lake fishing to the next level. These are the lines you need for Float Tube and Pontoon Boat Fishing!
  • Jim Teeny Wt Forward Mini Tip

    The Creek Company loves Jim Teeny Fly Lines! They are the best you can get and perfect for fishing from a float tube or pontoon boat! Jim Teeny Weight Forward Mini Tip-The Mini-Tip fly line has continued to be Jim Teeny's all-time favorite “go to” line. We have successfully fished it all over the world in both lakes and rivers with outstanding results. It has 5 feet of fast sinking tip backed by a yellow floating line for excellent visibility. From blue gill to king salmon, this line does it all!
  • PUMA Skinner w/Leather Sheath

    PUMA Skinner w/Leather Sheath- Famous German Steel Blade on a beautiful genuine stag handled skinner by PUMA!
    We all need a beautiful knife like this!