8’ Pontoon Boat Parts


  • #8MB - 8 Foot Main Bladder

    8' Replacement Main Bladder most 8' boats made by Creek Company. For all 8' boats EXCEPT the Classic XL, Sport XR, Sport XR1 and Jetpack. Sold Individually.
  • #8PC - 8 Foot Pontoon Cover-

    8 Foot Replacement Pontoon Cover for most current and older 8' Creek Company pontoon boats. Will fit all 8' boats Creek Company has ever made, except for the Classic XL, Sport XR, Sport XR1 and XR8. For these 3 models please call or email to order the correct cover. ONLY Available in Classic Green. Sold Individually.
  • 8' Pair Pontoons

    1 PAIR of 8' Pontoons. Universal fit for all makes of small 1 person pontoon boats.
  • 8' Single Pontoon

    8' Single Pontoon. 1 complete 8' pontoon. Includes the cover and bladder.
  • XR9 Side Mounted Stripping Apron

    XR9 Side Mounted Stripping Apron- Large, Side Mounted Stripping Apron with straps to attach to any of our pontoon boats.
  • #887MB- Sport XR1 Main Bladder

    8' Replacement Bladder for the Sport XR, Sport XR1 and Jetpack only. Not for any other models. Sold Individually.
  • #886MB - Classic XL Main Bladder

    8' Replacement Bladder for the Classic XL. Pro Series, Push Button Valve Included. Sold Individually. For the Classic XL Only.
  • #801 - Two Piece Oar

    The #801 Replacement 6' Two Piece Oar. Sold Individually.
  • #818 - Boston Valve

    Boston Valve for our float tubes and pontoon boats. Keep a spare in your tubes side pocket.
  • #825 - Small Oarlock (pair)

    Small Clamp-On Oarlocks for the #801 - 6' ODC (two piece oars), SOLD IN PAIRS.
  • #887PC-Sport XR1 Pontoon Cover

    Sport XR1 Pontoon Cover- Replacement cover for the Sport XR1.
  • #972VW-Pro Series Valve Wrench

    #972VW-Pro Series Valve Wrench--Replacement Valve Wrench for all Pro Series Valves by Creek Company.
  • #819S - ODC Short Snap Pin (pair)

    These are the replacement short snap pins, sold in pairs. Now save 50%!
    $9.99 save 50%
  • #826 - Small Oarlock Bushings

    Replacement Oarlock Bushings for the #801 - 6' Two Piece Oars. These go into the frame before inserting the Clamp-On Oarlock. They are not oarsleeves.
  • #854cs - 2 Foot Cam Straps (pair)

    Replacement 2 foot cam straps for all Creek Company pontoon Boats.
  • #856LL - XR Series Anchor Drop Assembly

    Lift & Lock Anchor Drop Assembly easily attaches most Creek Company pontoon boats. Upgrade your boat with a Lift 'N Lock anchor system today!
  • #819SS - ODC Short Snap Pin (Full Set of 8)

    Full Set of 8 replacement short snap pins. Now on sale! Save 50%!
    $29.99 save 50%
  • Motor Mount/Sport Cargo Deck Upgrade!

    The new Sport Cargo Deck/ Motor Mount Upgrade- Upgrade any of our 8' steel framed boats. Including the Sport, Sport LT, Classic XL and all steel framed boats by Creek Company. Just swap out your existing deck for one with a motor mount and rigid grid battery deck!
  • #817UP - Unpadded Plastic Seat

    Unpadded plastic replacement seat for all Creek Company pontoon boats. Standard 4 - hole marine seat pattern will also fit most any standard pontoon boat and watercraft pedestal.
  • #945FP-Cargo Deck Frame Steel

    Replacement Frame part for all of our steel framed 8' and 9' boats. Cargo Deck Frame Steel fits Sport, Super Sport, Classic and all steel frame boats by Creek Company