#950 - ODC XR 12

#950 - ODC XR 12


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The XR12 is back for a limited time. The ultimate, two person fishing machine! Very limited production.
  • Frame - Full take down, no-tools-required Black powder-coated aluminum frame (front leaning bar and rower's foot brace in black/grey custom powder coat) features integrated rear rowing station and forward fishing station. Rowing frame has three oarlock positions and adjustable foot brace to fit any size rower. Width between the oarlocks is 66". Fishing station features tall, plastic seat (using new 13" pedestal riser, not framing as shown in photo) and standing platform with leaning bar for comfortable fishing whether sitting or standing.
  • Pontoons - 12 foot long, 20 inch diameter pontoons are 3 layer construction of heavy duty, 30 oz. PVC thermal welded outer cover, 420 denier nylon inner liner and 30 gauge PVC bladders fitted with Boston valves. Eight individual cam-lock straps secure each pontoon to frame.
  • Oars & Oarlocks - 8 foot, 4 piece, heavy-duty boat oars, molded oar-stops and heavy-duty bronze oarlocks mount into nylon inserts in frame for smooth rowing.
  • Cargo Pockets & Stripping Apron - Two large, side cargo pockets (not pictured, grey color) for tackle and gear storage at rowers station and extra large, deep-sided stripping apron at fishing station for fly line control. Plus zippered mesh storage bag, behind the front seat for rower access. Lots of storage!
  • Cargo Deck & Anchor System - the boat comes with a sturdy aluminum deck. Lift and lock anchor system for quick and easy anchor use (anchor & anchor line not included). Rear decks are not for standing, Weight limit of 100lbs! Transom mount is for ELECTRIC TROLLING MOTORS ONLY, 60 pounds of thrust Maximum!
  • Two-Way Pump - High volume two-way pump complete with set of valve adapters.
  • Weight Capacity - 600 lbs
  • Overall Weight - 120 lbs.
  • Overall Size - 150" x 68"
  • This product has an additional oversize shipping charge of $130.00 above and beyond standard shippng charges.
  • New limited production XR12 differs from photo as follows: 13" pedestal riser for front seat, not seat framing; 2 large side cargo pockets in grey, not pictured; front leaning bar and rower's foot brace are new black/grey powder coating, not black.

    XR12 two man pontoon boat

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    Customer Reviews

    • Author: Daniel Kane
      Absolutely wonderful boat. Easy to customize, easy to maneuver, gets up on a plane like a champ, and drafts in just a few inches of water weighted down with 500 lbs of man and equipment.
      Check out our web site for pics and videos.

    • Author: john trask
      I take the boat 2 to3 days steelhead fishing trips my son loves it we take everything but the kitchen sink.its a great boat.

    • Author: scott franks
      I bought the 1220 three years ago and has been far the best purchase I have
      ever made. The north platte and the poudre river see my vessel weeklly water permitting. thanks creek company

    • Author: Garth Conroe
      I have a 2-yr. old 1220 that I have used numerous times on upper Green, the Gunnison & Arkansas. It has been a great boat! Watch your air bladder termperatures carefully because they will fluctuate rapidly. Put a trolling motor on it last year & can now go anywhere. Thanks Creek Co. for a great product!

    • Author: Robert
      I have had this boat about 4 years. I have used it in the Grande Rhonde river in NE Oregon with class 2-3 rapids many times. This boat is also great in the lakes. There is no better boat for the money. I am contemplating purchasing the 3 seater... Again, great boat!!!

    • Author: Lath McLeod
      I bought my boat 6 years ago and have had nothing but good times and great fishing. I live in Southwest Montana where the fishing is great but can get crowded at times. I'm able to fish water that traditional drift boats are unable to access. Best fishing purchase ever.

    • Author: Beaver22
      I have had this boat for 8 years. Great buy. I have taken it all over the Western U.S. Thanks Creek Company.

    • Author: Britt Hayes
      Have had the ODC 1220 for over 3 years now. Have a small motor, standing platform and seat riser on mine. Even added a fish finder. Basically, I use it as a bass boat that I can tear down and fit in my travel trailer. The boat has been great. I figured out quickly not to overtighten the straps, had a ring start to tear. Little glue and no problems since. I've scraped this thing over rocks, bounced it off docks, had over 600lbs on it and it's no worse for the wear. Stable enough to stand on a pontoon. Roomy enough for two people, two dogs, motor, ice chest and tackle. Small enough to store in a small shed.

    • Author: Michael Gannon
      I have had this boat now for three seasons and his is absolutely the best boat I have owned. I can take it on a lake and add a small electric motor, or set it up for a river trip. Its been down the Juniata and Susquehanna rivers multiple times. Its also been great on the Delaware. This boat is so easy to transport inflated on a small trailer (no setup needed on site), , or deflated in the back of the truck (30-40 min to set up). I have also found it easy to modify for my needs. Taking out the front seat and replacing it with a carpeted platform that Ii made and can strap in provides my dog with a great place to travel along on the trip. Its comfortable, stable, can take quite a bit of weight, handles well even in fast water, and is great fun. Best money I ever spent on a boat!! By the way, service when needed has been fantastic with this company. I would recommend this boat to anyone!!

    • Author: Jorge Svencionis
      I purchased the ODC1220 boat in 2005 and took it to Argentina. I only expected it to last a couple seasons. It has already 9 seasons and no signs of wear !!! - I have navigated almost 1000 miles of patagonian waters. The best purchase I have ever made. Saved also a lot of money in fishing guides !!! - Took away the front seat frame and replaced by a pedestal seat to have more room for the cooler. Roomy enough to carry two people and fishing and camping gear fore several days.

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