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The Creek Company Voyager Frameless Pontoon Boat! The Voyager combines the best of both worlds, float tube portability with pontoon boat stability.
  • FRAMELESS design with 3 setting adjustable footbar for rowing comfort and stability. Accomodates most sizes of anglers.
  • INFLATABLE SEAT - High volume inflatable seat bottom with adjustable inflatable seat back for all day comfort.
  • PONTOONS – 8 Feet long, 16-inch diameter Heavy-Duty PVC nylon outer cover with a 30 gauge PVC Main Bladder fitted with a Boston Valve.
  • CARRY/STORAGE BAG - with handle, shoulder strap, large side zipper for easy loading and grommets for draining moisture.
  • OARS & OAR KEEPERS – 5 foot, two-piece take down oars, with integrated oar keepers to keep them up out of the way.
  • CARGO POCKET & STRIPPING APRON – A large removable insulated side storage bag for tackle boxes, rod storage and necessities includes a beverage holder. Large mesh stripping apron with raised edges for line control.
  • CARGO STORAGE – Oversized storage area behind the seat will accomodate a small cooler, pump, dry bag, etc.
  • 2 Large carry handles and 10 exterior D-Rings for securing gear.
  • TWO-WAY PUMP – High volume two-way hand pump, complete with a set of hose adapters to fit all Creek Company Pontoon Boats and Float Tubes.
  • RECOMMENDED ACCESSORY - #917-HS 12 Volt High Speed Electric Pump, this pump will inflate the entire Voyager in Just 2 minutes!
  • OVERALL WEIGHT – 28 lbs.
  • OVERALL SIZE – 96”x54”
  • Packaged size 27"x27"x9"
  • This product has an additional UPS oversize shipping charge of $16.50 above and beyond standard shippng charges.

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  • #917-HS 12 volt Pump

    This is the NEW Portable High Speed 12 volt - Inflator/Deflator from Rule products. Now you can inflate your float tubes and pontoon boats right at the water from your vehicles 12 volt battery.
    • Rapid inflation and deflation for your float tube or pontoon boat.
    • Inflates a two-person pontoon boat in just minutes.
    • Adjustable nozzles for all inflatables and valves.
    • Light weight and simple to use.
    • Easier and faster than manual pumps.
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  • Roll Top Dry Bag (11.5" x 19", clear)

    Roll Top Dry Bags (11.5" x 19, Clear)
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Harry Zinn (hczinn2@gmail.com)
    I bought a 1-person Voyager this fall, and it has been great - highly portable, rugged, and seaworthy on several very windy Rocky Mountain lakes. I have not yet used it on a river, but I look forward to doing so.

  • Author: Clarence Franks (cte05613@centurytel.net)
    I have used this craft on Diamond lake in a high wind and it performed great. I like the portability of this Pontoon.

  • Author: Bob Blackman (bobblackman@hotmail.com)
    I bought the 1 person frameless pontoon in September of 2013. My first trip was down the South Fork of the Flathead River in Hungry Horse, MT. I found the boat to be very solid. I could not tell the difference between it and my framed pontoon as far as sturdiness goes. I was skeptical of the short oars but found them to be perfect for maneuvering in tighter spots. The boat is extremely responsive to the slightest movement of the oars. You can tell that it is light weight. I hit some easy level III rapids and took them with ease. The only place I felt I needed longer oars was when rowing upstream. The inflatable seat is very comfortable. Sat in it 5 hrs. with no issues. The storage behind the seat is very small. I will be adding another saddle bag. Also the storage bag needs to be mounted back more. When I had it attached even with the tie rings my oar would hit it enough to be annoying. I haven't looked to see if it can be adjusted further back.

    Overall I am very please with this boat and would recommend it to anyone interested.

    I was so excited to get this boat in the water that I forgot my fins....and rod. Had all my to tackle and with extra fly real, so I used a stick and tied my line to it. Second time the year.

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