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Osprey Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board Demo- Save $500! Osprey Demo only $999.99! FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 states! - This Osprey Paddle Board has one day on the water and is marked as demo. Save big! Pump, back pack included. Get one now for your next trip to Belize or Mexico...they check through on the plane!! The Award Winning Osprey Inflatable Fishing SUP! The Most Stable Stand Up Paddleboard on the market. Winner of the 2015 Reader's Choice Award! Game & Fish Magazine! Please email info@creekcompany.com with any questions.
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  • The Complete Repair Kit

    The Complete Repair kit is the ultimate repair kit for pontoon boats and float tubes. Patches all pvc bladders as well as pvc covers on all of our float tubes and pontoon boats. Don't leave home without it! Includes (2) 5"x6" pvc patches for outer covers and (2) 2.5" diameter, round pvc patches for bladder repair, plus 3 tubes of pvc glue and 2 applicator sticks. Repair your bladder AND your outer pvc cover with the Complete Repair Kit! requires 24 hr drying time.
  • #230-Walton’s Thumb®- Fisherman's Multi-Tool

    Walton’s Thumb®- The Ultimate Tool for the fisherman. . First made in the early ‘70s by Hank Roberts, this ingenious fisherman’s tool has so many unique and useful features for the fisherman, it needed to come back. Named after Izaak Walton, famous author of The Compleat Angler and the use of our opposing thumb, the Walton’s Thumb® features 10 unique functions that any fisherman can appreciate. There are 4 lever operated functions, including Pincer, Cutter, Crimper and Split Shot Remover, and 6 more including the folding tools: Knife, Screw Driver, Split Ring Remover, Scissor, Hook Eye Cleaner/Knot Pick and Lanyard Ring. The Walton’s Thumb is made of stainless steel, small enough to hang from your vest or keep in your pocket and packed with unique features not found on any other fisherman’s tool. Makes a great every day carry! Walton’s Thumb® the Ultimate Fisherman’s Tool and the prefect gift for every angler. Available Now! Dimensions: 3"L x 5/8"W x 1/2"D. Weight: 1.4 oz.

    Walton’s Thumb Story

    Walton’s Thumb Tool Overview

    Waltons Thumb Tool Function Detail

  • #976 - Aluminum SUP Travel Paddle

    Aluminum SUP Travel Paddle by Creek Company. 3 piece, adjustable, aluminum SUP paddle. Ergonomic handle, aluminum shaft, adjustable from 67"-85", lightweight. Also, easily fits in the Osprey Back Pack for 1 pc luggage check through on the plane.

    - Quick adjustment telescopic paddle

    - Adjustable from 67” to 85”

    - Collapsible 3 pcs (breaks down to just 34” for travel and storage)

    - Aluminum shaft

    - Nylon/Fiberglass blade 9” x 17”

    - Weight (37 oz.)

  • #818PG- Air Pressure Gauge

    NEW! Air Pressure Gauge
    Ensure that your inflatables are inflated to the proper pressure for peak performance with our Air Pressure Gauge. Maybe even more importantly, protect your investment by not overinflating them, causing irreparable damage. Air Pressure Gauge monitors air pressure from 0 - 5 psi with precision. Works with Boston Valve, Pro Series Push Button Valves and Stem Valves. We recommend 2.5 psi for all of our pontoon boats and float tubes.
  • #212- Zinger

    Clip on Zinger with nylon coated, spring loaded, retactable steel cable. Keep all your tools handy with a few of these.
  • #819S - ODC Short Snap Pin (pair)

    Short nickel plated replacement snap-pins for all Creek Company pontoon boats, sold in pairs. Always carry spares! Now 50% off!
  • #108 - Greased Lightnin'

    Greased Lightnin' - Casting performance boost in a bottle. Cleans and conditions floating and sinking lines without gumming, and keeps lines zipping through guides friction-free, enhancing casting control and distance. Increases line life. Contains no wax, non-toxic. Squeeze a little on the cleaning pad and run it the full length of the fly line (wet or dry). Includes free Cleaning Pad.
  • #111 - Pure Sinc

    Pure Sinc - This pure wetting agent sinks the fly, the nymph and leader. Promotes rapid water absorption so wet flies and nymphs sink quickly, naturally. No odor. Shown with optional Juice Noose.
  • #819LS - Long ODC Snap Pins (Full Set of 8)

    Full Set of 8 Long nickel plated replacement snap-pins for all older Creek Company pontoon boats with folding canvas seats, or to just make snapping easier. Now on sale! Save 50%!
  • #819SS - ODC Short Snap Pin (Full Set of 8)

    Short nickel plated replacement snap-pins for all Creek Company pontoon boats, Full Set of 8 Pins. Full replacement set for all of our 8' and 9' boats, including all Sports, Super Sports and Classics.

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