Float Tube Accessories


  • #311 - Wading Belt

    Wader belt of wide, nylon webbing with snap buckles. adjusts for 52".
  • #355 - Lightweight Fins

    Lightweight Float Tube Fins one size fits all, boot foot or stocking foot.
  • #818PG- Air Pressure Gauge

    NEW! Air Pressure Gauge
    Ensure that your inflatables are inflated to the proper pressure for peak performance with our Air Pressure Gauge. Maybe even more importantly, protect your investment by not overinflating them, causing irreparable damage. Air Pressure Gauge monitors air pressure from 0 - 5 psi with precision. Works with Boston Valve, Pro Series Push Button Valves and Stem Valves.


  • #902-Float Tube Fly Rod Holder

    #902-Float Tube Fly Rod Holder--Scotty Strap On Fly Rod Holder easily attaches to any float tube. Perfect for the ODC 420 models!
  • #903- Float Tube Bait/Spin Rod Holder

    #903- Float Tube Bait/Spin Rod Holder--Scotty Bait/Spin Rod holder straps to any of our float tubes. Fits any size bait or spin casting rod.
  • Double Action Hand Pump

    Double action hand pump inflates Pontoon Boats and Float Tubes fast.


  • #972VW-Pro Series Valve Wrench

    #972VW-Pro Series Valve Wrench--Replacement Valve Wrench for all Pro Series Valves by Creek Company.
  • 972PA-Pro Series Valve Adapter

    Valve Adapter for Creek Company Pro Series Valve. Connects the 916p Double Action Pump to the Pro Series Valve ( used in the Classic XL and 420 model float tubes).
  • #904 - Emergency Repair Kit

    Emergency repair kit features 6.5"x9.5" Tear-Aid patch for instant fix on the water for bladder puncture, tear or leak. Keep one on your boat.
  • #905 - Patch Kit

    Replacement Patch Kit. Keep a couple of these handy at all times.
  • #420IS - ODC 420 Inflatable Seat

    This is the Inflatable Air Seat Back and Seat Bottom for the ODC 420 & 420 Lightweight Combo. Replacement part for the 420 Ultralight. (Sold as a Set)
  • #916pa - ODC 916 Pump Adapter.

    Replacement Adapter for the #916 pump. Keep a spare on hand or be sorry.