• #101 - Pure Flote/Pure Sinc Twin Pack

    Buy the Pure Flote/Pure Sinc Twin Pack and save!
  • #1624 Stripping Apron

    Stripping apron with adjustable waist belt, buckles around your waist to provide excellent fly line management.
  • #230-Walton’s Thumb®- $19.95! Save $20!

    Walton’s Thumb®- The Ultimate Tool for the fisherman, the Walton’s Thumb® features 10 unique functions that any fisherman can appreciate. The perfect gift for every angler! On sale now $19.95!
    $39.95 save 50%
  • Coiled Lanyards

    Coiled Lanyards---2 coiled lanyards with plastic snap hooks at each end.2 3/4" length coiled. Keep your gear handy and secure! Pack of 2.
  • Juice Noose w/Greased LIghtnin'

    Greased Lightnin' with the Juice Noose leash.
  • Juice Noose w/Pure Flote

    Pure Flote with the Juice Noose leash.


  • Juice Noose w/Pure Sinc

    Pure Sinc with the Juice Noose leash.
  • #103 - Pure Float

    Floatant for your dry fly. (shown with optional Juice Noose)
  • #108 - Greased Lightnin'

    Lubrication for your floating or sinking line, (shown with optional Juice Noose.)


  • #111 - Pure Sinc

    Sinking solution for nymphs and sink lines.
  • #115 - Juice Noose

    Leash for floatant and accessories, shown with optional accessories.
  • #205 - Nip 'N Knot

    Every fisherman needs a Nip 'N Knot Tool!
  • #521L - Spiffy Dog "Trout" Air Collar - Large

    Get'em before they're Gone. A Great Gift for Your Favorite Fishing Buddy!
  • #207 Nipper

    Stainless steel nipper with guarded needle. Trim your line and gouge the glue out of hook eyes. Everyone should have one or two.
  • Nipper 10 Pack--Only $9.99!

    On Sale! Only $9.99! Stainless Steel Nipper with recessed needle...times 10!!!!! We all a need a few extra nippers...and so do friends and family!
    $39.99 save 75%
  • #212- Zinger

    Clip on Zinger with nylon coated steel cable. Keep all your tools handy with a few of these.
    $6.99 save 50%
  • #214 - Nipper and Zinger

    Great for the Boat, Vest, Tackle Bag, Etc.!
  • #522 - Spiffy Dog Let 'Em Lead Trout Leash

    Get'em before they're Gone. The Spiffy Dog Let 'Em Lead Trout Leash is the perfect accessory for your four-legged fishing buddy! Matches the Spiffy Dog Trout Air Collar.