Can I use a trolling motor with my ODC Pontoon Boat?
Yes you can. The Creek Company recommends using electric trolling motors only! We have found that a motor with 36 pounds of thrust works great with all of our boats. Cargo Decks are not for standing and fishing off of! We no longer make a mount for our boats. You will need to rig something on your own.

Can older ODC Pontoon Boats use the Plastic Seats?
Yes they can. If you remove the older style fabric seats, you will notice two horizontal mounting bars with 4 pre-drilled holes. This is where all new seats and seat accessories will be mounted. If ordering a seat from us directly, we include all the needed hardware for mounting your new seat.

What is the Creek Company Guarantee?
We guarantee all of our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original owner for a period of 3 years from the purchase date the product. This does not cover normal wear and tear or abuse of the product.

What class of whitewater are Creek Company Pontoon Boats rated for?
All Creek Company Pontoons are rated for Class 2 whitewater. Only Creek Company pontoon boats are rated for moving water. All Creek Company float tubes are for Stillwater use only. We do not rate our rafts. Ratings are too dependent on operator for ratings.

Can I get replacement parts for my Creek Company float tube or pontoon boat?
Yes, we have parts for virtually all Creek Company products. Generally, parts are available factory direct only and not from any Creek Company dealers. If you can not find the part you are looking for on our website, please e-mail info@creekcompany.com describing the part you need and we will do our best to get it for you.

What if I have a product that needs repair or I think is covered under warranty?
Email photos and description of the damaged or defective part to:

info@creekcompany.com. Be sure to include a note with a brief description of the problem, your name, return shipping address and daytime phone number.

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