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The ODC 900 Pontoon Boat. Thermal Welded whitewater grade Pontoons, 6.5' Heavy Duty Boat Oars! Large Aluminum Cargo Deck! Lift 'N Lock Anchor Drop! Hurry Very Limited Quantity. It is the perfect midsize 9 foot float fishing machine! Rich Cobalt Blue PVC pontoon covers with seperate cam-lock straps to allow individual tension adjustment for each D-ring connection. The ODC 900 has a new updated frame with raised, single oarlock stations.
  • FRAME – Full take down, no-tools-required, heavy-duty aluminum frame with molded plastic seat and Lift & Lock anchor assembly.
  • PONTOONS –Fitted with XR9 pontoons- 9 Feet long, 15-inch diameter Heavy-Duty 30 oz. PVC thermal-welded nylon outer covers over 30 gauge PVC Bladders fitted with Boston Valves. Four (4) individual cam-lock straps secure each pontoon to the frame.
  • OARS & OAR LOCKS – Heavy Duty 6.5' foot, three-piece take down oars, large open brass oar locks with nylon bushing inserts for smooth rowing.
  • CARGO POCKET & STRIPPING APRON – A large side cargo pocket for easy access tackle and gear storage. New large mesh side-mounted stripping apron with raised edges can be mounted on either right or left pontoon.
  • CARGO DECK – Aluminum cargo deck. The deck features a sturdy transom block for mounting an electric trolling motor and plenty of room to strap down a battery and gear.
  • FOOTBARS – Walk through foot bars with 6 position adjustment to fit most anglers.
  • TWO-WAY PUMP – High volume two-way hand pump, complete with a set of hose adapters to fit all Creek Company Pontoon Boats and Float Tubes. Fills pontoons quickly and efficiently.
  • OVERALL WEIGHT – 65 lbs.
  • OVERALL SIZE – 108”x60”
  • Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Robb Joyce
    I will never need another pontoon boat!
    Great on the lake, on the river and in the salt

  • Author: Tom Lundy
    It's the best boat I've ever used in streams and rivers in Ky.

  • Author: Frank Hellen
    Took this boat on a two day river fishing trip in WV and it performed excellent. Very durable, comfortable, tracked nicely, and hauled all of my gear needed for fishing and camping. I recommend this boat to anyone.

  • Author: Kris Olson
    Solid construction on the frame, great oars, very durable bladders. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase!

  • Author: Joseph Ogilvie (ogilvie3333@msn.com)
    -----Damn fine craft.

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