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The ODC XR 10 Pontoon Boat. The ultimate 1 man pontoon boat! Aluminum Frame! Thermal Welded Whitewater Grade Pontoons! 7' Heavy Duty Boat Oars! Huge Diamond Plate Aluminum Cargo Deck! Olive PVC pontoon covers with seperate cam-lock straps to allow individual tension adjustment for each D-ring connection. The ODC XR 10 will get you to fishing spots you never thought possible before.
  • FRAME – Full take down, no-tools-required, heavy-duty aluminum frame with plastic seat and Lift & Lock anchor assembly.
  • PONTOONS – 10 Feet long, 18-inch diameter heavy-duty 30 oz. PVC thermal-welded nylon outer covers with 30 gauge PVC Bladders fitted with Boston Valves. Four (4) individual cam-lock straps secure each pontoon to the frame.
  • OARS & OAR LOCKS – Heavy Duty 7' foot, three-piece take down oars, large open brass oar locks with nylon bushing inserts for smooth rowing.
  • CARGO POCKET & STRIPPING APRON – A large side cargo pocket for easy access tackle and gear storage. New large mesh side-mounted stripping apron with raised sides can be mounted on either right or left pontoon.
  • CARGO DECK –Huge Aluminum cargo deck. The deck features a sturdy transom block for mounting an electric trolling motor and plenty of room to strap down a battery and gear.
  • TWO-WAY PUMP – High volume two-way hand pump, complete with a set of hose adapters to fit all Creek Company Pontoon Boats and Float Tubes. Fills pontoons quickly and efficiently.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY – 400 lbs.
  • OVERALL WEIGHT – 80 lbs.
  • OVERALL SIZE – 120”x66”
  • This product has an additional UPS oversize shipping charge of $50.00
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Pikeslayer
    I have the older version of this boat (9 years old) and it has never let me down. Best one man boat on the water!

  • Author: Leland York
    I to have the older version. I am a larger person. over 325 lbs. I feel safe in this craft, I use small electric motor. will not use car topper again.

  • Author: washougal washington
    Bought the older version last year, I am extremely impressed with this boat. I fish the local rivers and love the fact that I can still fish when the water is low and the drift boats are either banging and scraping, or sitting at home.

  • Author: browntrout
    i have a 2008 version of this boat. i have constantly amazed myself with this boat and its ability. I use it on the upper end of the New River in WV for smallmouth and on the Jackson River in VA for trout. only downside is that these tubes are one large air chamber... the only updgrade I can think of would be to make each tube two separate chambers.


  • Author: bob shawcross
    my 10-18 is 4 years old, love it, just had it on the river for 2 days,loaded with gear for camping,i built a front mount off the standing platform and the bottom tube of the lean barfor my 27# thrust trolling motor, works great in the swift water. 3 of us wear in creek co boats. bigbass915

  • Author: Robert Vander Sluis
    For the most part I do not take time writing reviews, but under this circumstance I feel it necessary to acknowledge the business ethics and professionalism of The Creek Company. November 2014 I purchased the ODC XR 10. Upon shipment within two days of ordering I had FedEx tracking numbers in hand. Allowing adequate time and no arrival, researching through FedEx, I am informed of an unfortunate truck accident and all merchandised on the truck was destroyed, along with my pontoon. Contacting The Creek Company (Dave), moved into action, confirmed the lost merchandise and had a replacement shipment on its way the next day. I now have the pontoon, it is easy to assemble and take down. I am now anticipating the opportunity to put it on the water this spring.
    I will be doing business with The Creek Company in the future.

  • Author: brian carroll
    I have a ODC 1018, which I assume this boat is modeled after. The boat is built very well. I have done multiple 4 day floats on the lower Deschutes for trout and steelhead. These sections of the river have multiple class 3 rapids and a 4. Great boat, with plenty of room for gear!

  • Author: Vaidokduh
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