#822 - Backrest Bladder

#822 - Backrest Bladder


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This backrest bladder is the only replacement for all Creek Company U-BOAT brand float tubes and the Creek Company Round Boat. It will NOT work with any of the ODC 420 models. Bladders are non returnable.
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  • #355 - Lightweight Fins

    The Lightweight Fins are lighter, more packable and just as effective for moving around your favorite waters. New webbing and fast-ex buckle design reduces weight on your feet and space when packing in, and makes adjusting to bulky wading boots easier than ever. Place buckle to the inside of foot for easier removal on the water. Weighs less than 2 pounds, SOLD in PAIRS, available in black only.
  • #818PG- Air Pressure Gauge

    NEW! Air Pressure Gauge
    Ensure that your inflatables are inflated to the proper pressure for peak performance with our Air Pressure Gauge. Maybe even more importantly, protect your investment by not overinflating them, causing irreparable damage. Air Pressure Gauge monitors air pressure from 0 - 5 psi with precision. Works with Boston Valve, Pro Series Push Button Valves and Stem Valves. We recommend 2.5 psi for all of our pontoon boats and float tubes.
  • #904 - Emergency Repair Kit

    Emergency repair kit features 6.5"x9.5" Tear-Aid Patch for instant fix on the water for bladder puncture, tear or leak. Keep one on your boat for instant, streamside repair. No glue. No drying time. Get back on the water instantly.

  • #905 - Patch Kit

    Keep a couple of these handy for each of your inflatables. This is the original replacement patch kit that comes with each Creek Company float tube and pontoon boat.
    Kit includes (2) 2.5" diameter patches, 2 plastic application sticks and 1 tube of pvc glue. Requires 24 hr drying time. For patching all bladders in our float tubes and pontoon boats
  • 420PSL-New Model 420 left side replacement bladder with Pro Series Valve

    Left Side (while sitting in the tube) Replacement Bladder for the new style 420 models 420, 420 Lightweight, 420 Ultralight featuring the Pro Series Valve. Not interchangeable with old style covers.
    If your valve is inside the pocket, it features a boston valve, you need the 420 MBL not this bladder . If your valve is mounted outside the pocket, it features the Pro Series Valve and this is the correct bladder.
  • #821 - U-Boat® Main Bladder

    This is a replacement main bladder for the Creek Company Original U-BOAT®, U-Boat® II and U-BOAT® 2000 Super Combo featuring the current Boston Valve. (If you need a replacement bladder for older model U-BOATS® please call or e-mail us for further information). Bladders are non returnable.
  • #888 - Valve Panel

    New Unbreakable Replacement Valve Panel for all Creek Company Float Tubes and Pontoon Boats.
  • #862 - U-Boat® Stripping Apron

    This is the original replacement stripping apron for the Original U-Boat® and U-Boat® 2000 Super Combo float tubes. Will NOT work on the ODC 420 or 421 float Tube models. You will need to order item #862A for the ODC 420 and 420 Lightweight models.

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