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This rod holder pins on all Creek Company pontoon boat frames for rod storage or trolling. Easily attaches using the existing Snap-Pins on the right or left side of the cargo deck connection, as pictured. It will comfortably handle any Bait, Spin or Fly rod handles.

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    • FRAME – Full take down, no-tools-required, heavy-duty aluminum frame with plastic seat and Lift & Lock anchor assembly.
    • PONTOONS – 10 Feet long, 18-inch diameter heavy-duty 30 oz. PVC thermal-welded nylon outer covers with 30 gauge PVC Bladders fitted with Boston Valves. Four (4) individual cam-lock straps secure each pontoon to the frame.
    • OARS & OAR LOCKS – Heavy Duty 7' foot, three-piece take down oars, large open brass oar locks with nylon bushing inserts for smooth rowing.
    • CARGO POCKET & STRIPPING APRON – A large side cargo pocket for easy access tackle and gear storage. New large mesh side-mounted stripping apron with raised sides can be mounted on either right or left pontoon.
    • CARGO DECK –Huge Aluminum cargo deck. The deck features a sturdy transom block for mounting an electric trolling motor and plenty of room to strap down a battery and gear.
    • TWO-WAY PUMP – High volume two-way hand pump, complete with a set of hose adapters to fit all Creek Company Pontoon Boats and Float Tubes. Fills pontoons quickly and efficiently.
    • WEIGHT CAPACITY – 400 lbs.
    • OVERALL WEIGHT – 80 lbs.
    • OVERALL WIDTH – 66”
    • OVERALL SIZE – 120”x66”
    • This product has an additional UPS oversize shipping charge of $50.00

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Gary Soper
    This makes an especially great holder for my net too!

  • Author: Ross Williams
    These are great, they are "reversible" and you can troll 2 lines using 2 of them.

  • Author: Charles Schulz (schulz@gwtc.net)
    I needed item to assist in fishing, like having a extra hand

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