#839 - Pin-On Rod Holder


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These rod holders pin on all Creek Company pontoon boat frames for rod storage or trolling. Easily attaches using the existing Snap-Pins on the right or left side of the cargo deck connection, as pictured. It will comfortably handle any Bait, Spin or Fly rod handles. $19.99

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    On Sale! $19.95! Save $20 The perfect gift idea for the angler in your life! Hurry! Very Limited Time! Only $19.95! Walton’s Thumb®- The Ultimate Tool for the fisherman. . First made in the early ‘70s by Hank Roberts, this ingenious fisherman’s tool has so many unique and useful features for the fisherman, it needed to come back. Named after Izaak Walton, famous author of The Compleat Angler and the use of our opposing thumb, the Walton’s Thumb® features 10 unique functions that any fisherman can appreciate. There are 4 lever operated functions, including Pincer, Cutter, Crimper and Split Shot Remover, and 6 more including the folding tools: Knife, Screw Driver, Split Ring Remover, Scissor, Hook Eye Cleaner/Knot Pick and Lanyard Ring. The Walton’s Thumb is made of stainless steel, small enough to hang from your vest or keep in your pocket and packed with unique features not found on any other fisherman’s tool. Makes a great every day carry! Walton’s Thumb® the Ultimate Fisherman’s Tool and the prefect gift for every angler. Available Now! Dimensions: 3"L x 5/8"W x 1/2"D. Weight: 1.4 oz.

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  • #8MB - 8 Foot Main Bladder

    8' Replacement Main Bladder for all 8' boats made by Creek Company. Sold Individually.
    Bladders are non returnable.
  • #438 - 420 Ultralight--$149.95

    On Sale! Only $149.95! Save $150! ODC 420 Ultralight- Inflatable seat makes for a super compact, lightweight tube. Perfect for packing in to remote lakes! Large storage pockets. Stripping apron. Foam Fly Patch. A Super Compact, lightweight model, coupled with our 420 Inflatable AIR SEAT Back and Bottom. The inflatable AIR SEAT increases flotation and allows you to sit higher out of the water.
    • Lightweight 420 denier nylon cover
    • Individual 14 gauge PVC bladders with boston valves.
    • Thick AIR SEAT back and bottom can be adjusted for all day comfort
    • Large side storage pockets
    • Generous rear storage area
    • D-Rings for (optional) Pack Straps
    • Overall weight approx. 11.50 lbs.
    • Weight capacity - 300 lbs.
    • Packaged size 10"x10"x16"
    • ONLY Available in Red.

    420 Ultralight Video

  • #8PC - 8 Foot Pontoon Cover-

    8 Foot Replacement Pontoon Cover for all 8' Creek Company pontoon boats. Will fit all 8' boats Creek Company has ever made. ONLY Available in Green. Cam straps included for attachment to frame. Integral Storage Pocket. Sold Individually. Pontoon covers are non returnable.
  • 8' Pair Pontoons

    1 PAIR of 8' Pontoons! Upgrade and renew your boat for the season! Universal fit for all makes of small 1 person pontoon boats. This is a complete pair of 8' pontoons, including the 2 pontoon covers and 2 bladders. Integral straps/cam buckles make for easy attachment to any frame. Pontoon Covers have PVC, abrasion resistant bottoms, bladders fitted with boston valves. SOLD IN PAIRS. Pontoons are non returnable.
  • #103 - Pure Float

    Pure Flote - Just a dab of this 100% silicon floats your fly and keeps it dry. Viscosity remains constant at all temperatures. Adds virtually no weight. No odor. Shown with optional Juce Noose.
  • Nipper 10 Pack--Only $9.99!

    Stainless Steel Nipper with recessed needle...times 10!!!!! We all a need a few extra nippers...and so do friends and family!
  • #818 - Boston Valve

    Boston Valve for our float tubes and pontoon boats. Keep a spare in your tubes side pocket.
  • #905 - Patch Kit

    Keep a couple of these handy for each of your inflatables. This is the original replacement patch kit that comes with each Creek Company float tube and pontoon boat.
    Kit includes (2) 2.5" diameter patches, 2 plastic application sticks and 1 tube of pvc glue. Requires 24 hr drying time. For patching all bladders in our float tubes and pontoon boats
  • #819LS - Long ODC Snap Pins (Full Set of 8)

    Full Set of 8 Long nickel plated replacement snap-pins for all older Creek Company pontoon boats with folding canvas seats, or to just make snapping easier. 2.5" long

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Gary Soper
    This makes an especially great holder for my net too!

  • Author: Ross Williams
    These are great, they are "reversible" and you can troll 2 lines using 2 of them.

  • Author: Charles Schulz (schulz@gwtc.net)
    I needed item to assist in fishing, like having a extra hand

  • Author: inetryconydot
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