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The ODC Sport LT. li>FRAME – Full take down, no-tools-required, heavy-duty powder coated steel frame with a folding plastic seat. The optional #831 Seat Swivel is a great accessory to add to your order!
  • PONTOONS – 8 Feet long, 16-inch diameter heavy-duty 840 denier nylon outer covers with 30 oz. PVC coated bottom panels, 30 gauge PVC Single Chamber Bladders fitted with Boston Valves.
  • OARS & OAR LOCKS – 6.5', three-piece take down oars, heavy-duty brass slide through oar locks with nylon bushing inserts for smooth rowing.
  • CARGO POCKETS & STRIPPING APRON – Two large side cargo pockets for tackle and gear storage while on the water. Large mesh stripping apron with raised edges for line control.
  • CARGO DECK – PVC coated mesh cargo deck.
  • FOOTBARS – Walk through foot bars with 6 position adjustment to fit most anglers.
  • OVERALL WEIGHT – 50 lbs. This item has a $30.00 additional oversize shipping charge.
  • OVERALL SIZE – 96”x54”

    Sport LT Pontoon Boat
    Single Cam Strap Wrap Demo
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    • #839 - Pin-On Rod Holder

      These rod holders pin on all Creek Company pontoon boat frames for rod storage or trolling. Easily attaches using the existing Snap-Pins on the right or left side of the cargo deck connection, as pictured. It will comfortably handle any Bait, Spin or Fly rod handles. $19.99

    • #438 - 420 Ultralight--$149.95

      On Sale! Only $149.95! Save $150! ODC 420 Ultralight- Inflatable seat makes for a super compact, lightweight tube. Perfect for packing in to remote lakes! Large storage pockets. Stripping apron. Foam Fly Patch. A Super Compact, lightweight model, coupled with our 420 Inflatable AIR SEAT Back and Bottom. The inflatable AIR SEAT increases flotation and allows you to sit higher out of the water.
      • Lightweight 420 denier nylon cover
      • Individual 14 gauge PVC bladders with boston valves.
      • Thick AIR SEAT back and bottom can be adjusted for all day comfort
      • Large side storage pockets
      • Generous rear storage area
      • D-Rings for (optional) Pack Straps
      • Overall weight approx. 11.50 lbs.
      • Weight capacity - 300 lbs.
      • Packaged size 10"x10"x16"
      • ONLY Available in Red.

      420 Ultralight Video

    • #230-Walton’s Thumb®- $19.95! Save $20!

      On Sale! $19.95! Save $20 The perfect gift idea for the angler in your life! Hurry! Very Limited Time! Only $19.95! Walton’s Thumb®- The Ultimate Tool for the fisherman. . First made in the early ‘70s by Hank Roberts, this ingenious fisherman’s tool has so many unique and useful features for the fisherman, it needed to come back. Named after Izaak Walton, famous author of The Compleat Angler and the use of our opposing thumb, the Walton’s Thumb® features 10 unique functions that any fisherman can appreciate. There are 4 lever operated functions, including Pincer, Cutter, Crimper and Split Shot Remover, and 6 more including the folding tools: Knife, Screw Driver, Split Ring Remover, Scissor, Hook Eye Cleaner/Knot Pick and Lanyard Ring. The Walton’s Thumb is made of stainless steel, small enough to hang from your vest or keep in your pocket and packed with unique features not found on any other fisherman’s tool. Makes a great every day carry! Walton’s Thumb® the Ultimate Fisherman’s Tool and the prefect gift for every angler. Available Now! Dimensions: 3"L x 5/8"W x 1/2"D. Weight: 1.4 oz.

      Walton’s Thumb Story

      Walton’s Thumb Tool Overview

      Waltons Thumb Tool Function Detail

    • #839 - Pin-On Rod Holder

      These rod holders pin on all Creek Company pontoon boat frames for rod storage or trolling. Easily attaches using the existing Snap-Pins on the right or left side of the cargo deck connection, as pictured. It will comfortably handle any Bait, Spin or Fly rod handles. $19.99

    • #770 - Scotty Mount Pad

      Manufactured by Scotty from flexible PVC that can be bonded to PVC deck of the Osprey Stand Up Paddeboard and PVC inflatable boats like the Voyager, Voyager II, XR 12 and 1624. Included: Stainless steel fasteners. Mount Dimensions: 5"w x 7"h. Ideal for Scotty's line of Rod Holders, Anchor Drops and Fish Finder adapters. Only available in BLACK.

      Many different glue products will work for adhering the #770 mount to your water craft. Poly Marine Glue, Stabond UK-148, HH-66 (RH Adhesives), Dupont, 3M and many more can be found at marine dealers such as, West Marine, Weaver Industries and (NRS) Northwest River Supplies.

      Due to the 840 denier Cordura nylon fabric used on our smaller boats, it will NOT work with the ODC Sport LT, Classic XL, Sport XR 1 or the Super Sport XR 1.

    • #212- Zinger

      Clip on Zinger with nylon coated, spring loaded, retactable steel cable. Keep all your tools handy with a few of these.
    • Nipper 10 Pack--Only $9.99!

      Stainless Steel Nipper with recessed needle...times 10!!!!! We all a need a few extra nippers...and so do friends and family!

    Customer Reviews

    • Author: Martin G. Bascialla
      I have it! is Excellent! I recommended it to friends!
      .- Greetings From Argentina - Capital Federal
      Martin Bascialla

    • Author: David Swart (davidaswart@gmail.com)
      Owned a ODc Sport for over 12 years,have nothing but praise for both the boat & the company,ordered new ponntoon covers last year with out any problems,love the ease the boat can be loaded & unloaded from both my truck & water.

    • Author: Boyd
      had mine for about 4 years now... wouldn't be without it . perfect boat, light, easy to manouver, can't say enough good about it!

    • Author: Steve
      The most funn I'd ever had with a fly rod. Very light to put on/off my trailer. Very easy to set up and take down, rows well. Puts you right in the Blue gill's front yard !!

    • Author: Dale
      Just got mine for Father's Day. Quick and easy to put together and take down. Lightweight and easy to pack. Quick and smooth on the water. Fun stuff!

    • Author: Jay
      I bought this model at Bass Pro in Calgary and used it for the first time this weekend. A great upgrade from a belly boat and I had no problems. There are a couple accessories you are going to want though. A rod holder for sure. This is a great boat for the price (I paid $220 at Bass Pro). My fishing buddies all have the expensive Fish Cat or Water Skeeter models and even they said they were impressed with the quality of this boat for the price I paid.

    • Author: Jeremy
      Got mine for Father's Day and I LOVE IT! I have had it on the Snake River numerous times since then and it has preformed flawlessly. I also got the motormount, anchor system, and pole holder for it...all function extremely well with this small pontoon. I would recommend it to anyone!

    • Author: Robert
      There is no better boat for the price. Bought it for my 14yr old son to run the Grande Rhond from Minam to Troy last week at 2200cfs. Handled the water fall and redrock class 2-3 rapids well. Would not use this boat in anything more than that. In the three day trip the only issue is that the seat is showing stress marks from the back two bolts underneath. You can see the stress, white in color, on the top of the seat above the two bolts that secure the rear of the seat. Besides that this boat is awesome!

    • Author: Art Flores
      I've had this boat for two years now and its by far one of the best investments Ive ever made. The ease in set up and take down will surprise you and the quality of the product is solid as well. I've added a swivel seat and it really helps keep you out of the water.Way to go Creek Company I'm ready to buy another!

    • Author: Chad
      I have use it on rivers and lakes, I cannot say enough great things about it. Great quality.

    • Author: Karen
      Love it, added a trolling motor. I have had it for about a month now and think wow, should have got one of these long ago... Will biy all my stuff from Ceek Company from now on... Bring on the Fish!!!!!!

    • Author: DAVID
      10-14-10 I bought this at Bass Pro in Grapevine Texas for $199.00. Wow what a lot of fun and while there's a lot of overpriced stuff at Bass Pro this was a definite deal. Easy set up, tough, good quality, very stable and easy to manuever. I look forward to doing a lot of Trout and Bass fishing with this..and telling my friends about it..

    • Author: Larry
      Bought 2 of these, my brother tried it out bought 2 for him and his wife then dad tried it and bought one for him, we fish some creeks but mostly strip pits and smaller lakes, we now leave the 17 foot bass boat sitting and take these out instead. Everyone gets to fish where they want as long as they want, added some 2 way radios on each boat so we can all talk call in lunch break and tie them together with a bungie and sit and relax for lunch. Lots of fun I would highly recommend them any of them we have classics and the sports. Thx Creek Company!

    • Author: Chad Wilson (page_wilson@hotmail.com)
      Going to use these for the first time tomorrow, bought 3, for myself, my wife and my son. But my first review is that I can't believe I got all 3 boats in trunk of our Camry. Simple to assemble! Tested today. Will review more after our first few uses!! Great so far!! Thanks Creek Company!!

    • Author: Nick
      I love this boat. at 1st I was hesitant to get one but after trying out my friends creek company boat, I was hooked. so far I have only been out once in mine, but it works for what i need it for.
      I live in the Pacific NW and this is going to be great for those days when im by myself and i can go out to the high lakes on Mt Hood or the many lakes around the Puget Sound.
      Thanks Creek Comapny

    • Author: Brad
      Great boat. Took this boat down the White River and had a great fishing experience. This boat offers great stability. Would recommend purchasing a padded seat for long floats. Creek Company offers many accessories that are very affordable like rod holder and fins. I would recommend Creek Company Pontoons.

    • Author: kevin
      Just received my sport lt . Required signature at delivery =working man so i had to drive to pick up .Other than that from box to boat less than an hr . From my blazer to water (bladders pre inflated ) 5 min. From water to blazer 5 min. Not sure how motor will afect this time yet. Love it ! scoots right along Great for small fl waters i fish .180 deg cast .Best purchas since i started buying disposable diapers for the twins .

    • Author: Chris Stiles (adktrout@hotmail.com)
      I have one and just bought another as a graduation present

    • Author: Jason Wytulka (Jwytulka@yahoo.com)
      Took the the sport LT on the Grand Mesa for it's maiden voyage this weekend. The boat handled great and got me into places I never would go with my belly boat. The increased seating height compared to the standard belly boat gave me a better vantage point and increased casting distance for both fly and lure fishing. I am very impressed with this boat for being a entry level in price range. I did take it to a larger Vega lake and after hitting some pretty big winds was still able to shore with considerable ease.

    • Author: chris chace (visionsofnorthwoods@charter.net)
      had mine for a few months have not got to use as much as i would like but times have used set up little time ,handles great on large lake still have yet to catch fish from it and still not able to get warden on private lake i use to permitt it but when i show up there good about letting me out for day anyway. will add accessories over time to enhance experience. they say a day on lake is therapy for the soul- i agree! would and have recomended to others. would creek co. need a sales rep.?

    • Author: Larry Rodriquez
      Recently bought the Sport LT. Great item and can't beat the price. Can anybody give me info on how to set it up with a trolling motor please? The size motor, the size battery. Is the battery to heavy for the boat? Apologize for all the questions.

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