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Voyager HD Frameless Pontoon Boat--Super Heavy Duty Voyager HD Frameless Pontoon Boat features white water grade, 8' 6" PVC hull with heavy skid plates, 3 chambers, push button valves, pressure relief valve on center chamber, adjustable seat, stainless steel footbar, heavy duty oars and oarlocks, 2 side insulated storage bags with built in Rod Holders and Drink Holders, stripping apron, pump and carry bag. Goes from the truck to the river in a few minutes! Weighs only 35 lbs! Weight capacity 375 lbs. Overall inflated dimensions: 8'6" long x 4'6" wide. Pontoons are 16" diameter, seat platform is 22" wide.
The Voyager HD represents a quantum leap in upgrade/evolution of the original Voyager. Big differences: The new HD uses white water grade, thermal welded, bladderless, whitewater raft type construction, with heavy skid plates on the bottom...not the old sewn seams, cover with bladder, float tube type construction of the old, original Voyager. The new Voyager HD also features our best push button valves, not boston valves, a separate, adjustable seat and solid molded foot bar attachment. The new Voyager HD, the world's finest frameless pontoon boat!
  • Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  • Author: LARRY TULLIS
    It's a copy of the Scadden Renegade, which are great boats that I have used extensively in lakes and fast rivers.

  • Author: Robert B Littlejohn
    Great boat for rivers and lakes. Very important, it fits in my short-bed Jeep Comanche Pickup without having to dismantle anything. Fills in less than 5 minutes with a Ryobi 18v inflator. Comfortable, good in the wind, and easy to use with fins or oars. I have other boats from Creek and other companies, but this is my go-to for almost every trip.

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